Now don’t get us wrong, we love coffee. We love how it brings people together and we love the smell of our first cup in the morning.

But when we started Seven Fortunes, we wanted to do more than change how people enjoy coffee. Part of our mission is to make a real, meaningful impact on communities around the world.

This is why we started our Seven Fortunes Ambassador program. Our Ambassadors are our customers—the individuals and coffee shops enjoying Seven Fortunes who are working with us to make a difference.

Seven Fortunes is working directly with our ambassadors to create real change in their communities. With every bag of Seven Fortunes sold, we will make a donation to the Ambassador of your choosing.


The Seven Fortunes Ambassadors are working with community-based partners to make a real difference out in the world

I am the founder of indie barbershop – Akin Barber & Shop – an entrepreneur and true coffee fanatic. I am supporting the purchase of wheelchair ramps to help Wings of Angelz in their awesome social campaign to make the whole of the UAE wheelchair friendly.
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Restart the Art Campaign 0%
Know Thy Neighbor Campaign 0%
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