We’ve accomplished our goal if we can make just a small change in how you experience coffee.We were inspired to start Seven Fortunes by a man named Sufi Baba Budan (who is — simply put— a legend). Back in the 16th Century, it was pretty tough to find a good (decent) cup of coffee. So Baba Budan decided to take matters into his own hands and go on a pilgrimage to bring back coffee to enjoy and share with his family.

After traveling all the way to the Middle East, he finally found what he was looking for; a coffee plantation. He then started on his journey back home to India with 7 fertile coffee seeds which he risked his life to bring home. Through great fortune, the seeds pullulated into a flourishing coffee plantation across the world and especially around the equator.

Seven Fortunes started in this spirit of charting new territory, taking risks and doing something great. We hope we can inspire you to do something great, too.