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SCA Roasting Foundation and Intermediate Combo

AED 6,000


SCA Roasting Foundation & Intermediate

Day 1 – Roasting Foundation

This will give you a fundamental understanding of the roasting process and the key determining factors in heating control, the roast cycle, process logging and how to control basic sensory aspects of the coffee by roasting light or dark. Written and practical exam. Successful students will receive 5 points towards an SCA diploma and a Roasting Foundation Certificate.

Day 2 & 3 – Roasting Intermediate

This will give you a more elaborate understanding of the roasting process and how different kinds of heat transfer is at play. You will also see how different roast profiles lead to different sensory expression for the same coffee even at the same roast degree. You will also learn about roast defects and how to avoid them and also be introduced to the basic physical changes that the beans undergo during the roasting process. Finally there is a small appendix about work pace management and production.

Day 4 –­ Examination

This is the examination for the intermediate roasting qualification that consists of a short practical exam and a written exam. Successful students will be awarded 10 points towards the SCA coffee diploma and receive an SCA Intermediate Roasting certificate

Extra Details:

Price: Aed 6,000.00 + Certificate Fee

Certification fees will depend if you are or not SCA Member

Class will start at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters each day at 10am and finish around 6pm (there will be a 30 minute break for lunch)

Google Maps:

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters Al Quoz 1

NOTE: SCA certification exam fee NOT included

NOTE: Lunch is NOT included
*We require a minimum number of students to run this class. If we don’t meet that requirement you will be notified and have your class rescheduled to the next available date.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15.0 x 13.0 x 7.0 cm

250 g

Cupping Notes

Jasmine, Mandarine, grilled pineapple's.


Trujillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia


Luis & Rigoberto Herrera, Buenos Aires farm, Granja la Esperanza


Depulped without water, then fermented underwater for 18-20 hours, fully washed, and mechanically dried.


Cultivator: Panama Geisha




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